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Out, Damned Spot! How D.C.’s Onerous Parking Requirements Slow Development

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Office of Planning held a private meeting with developers and community leaders in Anacostia to discuss how to create a bustling retail zone in the Ward 8 neighborhood. Assisting them was something called the D.C. Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit, a document prepared for the Office of Planning by the Bethesda-based [...]

Who Said People Don’t Care About Zoning?

I know, I tend to write a lot about the city's zoning code. But hey, people are passionate about this stuff—enough so that they go to great lengths to rig poll results on the subject.
Last week, the 12,956-member Cleveland Park listserv's moderators posted a poll about a hypothetical change to the neighborhood's zoning. "The current zoning [...]