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This Is What a Parking Exemption Is Worth

Tonight's a big night for Tenleytown. After a year of neighborhood debate, ANC 3E is set to vote on the Douglas Development proposal for a six-story mixed-use building on the site of the defunct Babe's Billiards at Wisconsin Avenue and Brandywine Street NW. The development, as I laid out in my column last week, is [...]

The Bikeshare of Carsharing Launches This Weekend

If Zipcar was the beginning of the carsharing revolution—funded, in fact, by a group called Revolution—then Car2Go marks the beginning of the new regime.
Starting tomorrow, when the Daimler-owned company launches at a splashy event off U Street, you'll be able to pick up a car on the street and return it whenever you're done with [...]

Competition Sucks

Much has been made over the last few months about the District's decision to auction off spaces to car-sharing companies, rather than allow the market's first mover—Zipcar—have them all for free. The argument for doing so is that charging market prices for the use of curbside parking spaces will raise cash for the city, and [...]

Verdict on Capital Bikeshare: Go Take a Ride!

Most of the time, I ride my bike to City Paper's Adams Morgan office from my house in Petworth. Last night, though, I left my bike here to go see a former colleague read at Politics and Prose. In the past, that would have meant I had to take Metro or walk to work this [...]

ASK HOUSING COMPLEX: My Laundromat Closed—Will My Landlord Buy Me a Washer?

Soap Opera: Swann Cleaners has folded.
My boyfriend and I live on the top floor of a row house on 16th Street, in one of those gorgeous old mansions that was converted into separate units. We don’t have a laundry machine or dryer, but this wasn’t a problem when we first moved in six months [...]