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Alexander Torpedoes Business In Her Ward, Sets Terrible Legislative Precedent

Swear to god, it's not going to hurt your retail.

Usually, city councilmembers try to attract new businesses to their wards, especially when they're hurting for jobs and industry. That pattern breaks down, however, when it comes to medical marijuana—for no logical or empirical reason. It was one thing when Councilmember Vincent Orange, in his [...]

Always Low Prices: Walmart Developer Bundles Donations for Yvette Alexander

Pesky campaign finance rules—it's so hard to build up a war chest one $500 check at a time! Can you really blame sitting councilmembers for hoping their well-heeled supporters will find out a way around them? Bundling donations from limited liability corporations owned by real estate developers has become par for the course in D.C. [...]

Fiscal Education

D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander was on her way into a Wilson Building meeting Monday afternoon when four members of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute waylaid her, brandishing fact sheets and legislative text. It was the day before the final budget vote. She granted them two minutes. Their concern: A last-minute amendment would boot parents off [...]

Ward Wars

There’s a knock-down, drag-out fight inthe Wilson Building over redistricting, and politically active residents are incensed that they’ll be moved from one ward to another.
“For some, this may seem a logical, easy solution,” says a member of one affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “I call it racial gerrymandering and believe it is detrimental to east of [...]

Gray: Just Kidding About That Whole Walmart Ultimatum Thing

While "on vacation," I was pretty shocked to see the news that Mayor Vince Gray had told Walmart it better open a store in his neighborhood, at Skyland Town Center, if it wanted to open anywhere else in the District–even threatening to withhold building permits as leverage.
For one thing, Walmart would have decent grounds to [...]

Solar Bits: Move the Bill, Lease a Panel, Skyline Wins!

Hey, the sun's out these days! And the news about it has been piling up. Here's the digest:

SUNBURN: So, remember that bill that's supposed to structure the market for solar renewable energy credits so that people can pay back their investment in no time flat? Even with little discernable opposition, it hasn't moved [...]

This Week (and Last) in Walmart News

Time for another Walmart roundup! Things have been relatively quiet on the Walmart front, but here are a few news items you might have missed in the last few weeks. (For a more global perspective, Walmart Watch has their own roundup from around the country).


Walmart’s Fifth D.C. Location: Skyland?

Speaking on his home turf Saturday, as Veronica Davis reports, Mayor Vince Gray dropped some not-terribly-surprising news: It appears that Target has bailed as a prospective anchor tenant at the still-unbuilt Skyland Town Center, and the developers have sent Walmart a letter of interest in locating there instead. Even if Gray is able to nudge [...]

Big Changes Coming to the Cab Industry?

Over the last year, it's become blindingly obvious that the D.C. Taxicab Commission is in for a shakeup. There was the corruption scandal that lost Councilmember Jim Graham his oversight of the commission, which was already barely functioning. Vince Gray got elected with a wave of support from cabbies who expect an adjustment of meter [...]

A Walk With: Sylvia Brown, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Deanwood

Welcome to a new occasional feature on Housing Complex, in which we take a walk with someone who has a very distinct perspective on their neighborhood—could be a developer, a beat cop, or a precocious 12-year-old. If you’ve got an idea for someone who might make an interesting subject, send ‘em along:
For someone who [...]