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Wonks: College Is Not the (Only) Answer for D.C. Kids

The Brookings Institution's Greater Washington Initiative has surveyed the District's educational system, and concluded that all this "everybody can go to college" cheerleading is so much baloney. Rather, a new report says, the city's kids need more work experiences in high school, and should be encouraged to view professional certificates and two-year degrees as a [...]

St. Elizabeths Protest Highlights Need for Other Kinds of Jobs

You've heard it over and over: Ward 8 has astronomical unemployment. That's particularly hard to stomach when residents see so much construction activity just down the road, at the massive Department of Homeland Security project at St. Elizabeths. As I explained in March, the General Services Administration can't require its contractors to hire any particular [...]

Walmart’s Offer: 2,000 Trained People (1,200 of Whom May Get Walmart Jobs)

Just like that, Walmart's much-vaunted workforce development partnership with the District—which both parties have offered to critics as evidence of the company's goodwill—gets numbers and names. The Community College of the District of Columbia will get $1.7 million to create a "Retail Academy" that will train 1,000 people over three years in basic customer service [...]