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iStrategyLabs Is Final Tenant for Shaw’s Wonder Bread Factory

A year ago, the Wonder Bread Factory was struggling. Douglas Development's ambitious project had transformed the vacant Shaw factory into boutique office space, but tenants were hard to come by. The anchor tenant, WorkSpacesLLC, had just backed out of its lease amid financial hardship.
Now things look much rosier. The tech marketing firm iStrategyLabs is taking [...]

Final Plan for Wonderbread Factory: Offices?

It's always going to be hard to say whether any given plan for Douglas Development's Wonder Bread Factory on 7th and S Streets NW will be the last, given the number of iterations it's been through. But the company's Paul Millstein seems pretty confident about his latest proposal: A 60,000-square-foot speculative office building (which means [...]

Latest Jemal Plan for Wonder Bread Factory: Apartments

When Douglas Development bought the old Wonder Bread factory at 641 S Street NW, the idea was to renovate it for office and retail. The economy squashed that plan. Lately, the company has floated the idea of turning it into a boutique hotel. But that's now off the table as well.
The current thought for the [...]

Latest Potential Maybe Sometime Use For Wonder Bread Factory

The Wonder Bread Factory in Shaw is a lovely relic, as industrial carcasses go, but Shaw residents have long been ready to see it put to use. Lately, owner Douglas Development has been offering a glimmer of hope: ANC Commissioner Myla Moss said at a meeting last week that she'd heard a group out of [...]