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Green Line Study: Good Timing for the Purple Line

The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District hit the wires this morning with a study they'd commissioned on the economic impact of Metro's Green Line (or at least the line's midsection; it omitted the underperforming stations east of the Anacostia and in Prince George's County). Despite its restricted scope—and dubious premise of the Green Line being [...]

City Imagines Another Future for 14th Street Bus Barn

You know what's a drag? Having a giant brick warehouse with buses coming in and out of it all day take up an entire block on one side of a neighborhood commercial street. That's the reality of 14th Street NW between Buchanan and Decatur. It's frustrated upper 14th Street businesses no end, and even Metro [...]

The Park Service Wants “National Mall” on Your Metro Station, WMATA Says No Way

A massive Metro map overhaul has lots of groups arguing over who needs to have travelers pointed their way—Park View, NoMa, the baseball stadium, and Gallaudet University are just a few of those that have made their case this time around. Now, the National Park Service has gotten into the game along with the Trust [...]

Garage Wars: Should Buses Park at Walter Reed?

It's fair to say that, given a choice, you probably wouldn't want to live next to a bus barn. You can't get anything to eat there, or buy toilet paper. Big, smelly vehicles are coming and going all the time.
Right now, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority has two bus garages that it needs to [...]

Sure Would Be Nice if WMATA Had a Bank

Infrastructure banks are all the rage these days. President Barack Obama has proposed one for the federal government that would help fund both big interstate projects and smaller local initiatives. Governor Bob McDonnell is pushing to create one for Virginia that would be capitalized by the privatization of state liquor stores and (probably) pay mostly [...]

The Difference Between New York and Washington

Is that while Washingtonians use their subway system, New Yorkers love their subway system. Case in point: The Saturday New York Times' special section on the New York Subway. Would the Washington Post ever run such a pullout on the Metro? Don't answer that.
The whole package is worth a skim for any train lover or [...]

Metrobusted: D.C.’s subway system needs a new map. Is anything worth saving?

Metro’s rail map, the rainbow diagram that serves as a logo of Washington as much as a tool to navigate the city, is a durable relic.
Unlike New York’s subway, Metro’s rail diagram didn’t go through a trippy ’70s phase that was then scrapped, or waver between representation and abstraction, like Moscow’s. Instead, the map just [...]

Is Metro Safer? Reporters Disagree.

Today's one-year anniversary of the devastating Red Line metro crash has had the local scribes doing assessments, as they are wont to do, of Whether Anything Has Changed. The Examiner's story, from yesterday, runs through the safety initiatives that are still in progress, and ends on a glass-half-full note:
But the kinds of real changes that [...]