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A Man, a Plan, a Canard: Panacea

Our departing Housing Complex reporter shares his not-so-modest proposals for a better D.C.

Metro Claims X2 Overcrowding’s Been ‘Virtually’ Eliminated

But anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

Metro Fares Won’t Increase This Year, But Service Cuts Still Possible

Remember the word "substantial."

Family of Carol Glover Sues Metro for $50 Million

"As a direct and proximate result of Defendant WMATA’s negligence, Ms. Glover was trapped, helpless, in Train 302 for nearly forty-five minutes as it filled with smoke," the lawsuit alleges.

Digital Advertising, Coming Soon to a Metro Station Near You

Metro stations around the city will soon be illuminated with screens bearing digital advertising and transit information, following a new contract awarded by the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.
The five-year contract, with CBS Outdoor, will begin on July 1 and bring WMATA a minimum of $102 million in revenue. In exchange, CBS Outdoor, which operates digital [...]

The Stacked Deck Against Urban Transit

Another day, another ranking: The percentage of D.C. households without a car grew the third-fastest among America's 30 largest cities between 2007 and 2012, reports Streetsblog. That's all the more impressive considering that D.C. was already the city with the second-most car-free households in 2007. Now, nearly two in five households in the city do [...]

The Brown Line, the Beltway Line, and Other Metro Ideas That Didn’t Make the Cut

Last month, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority published its proposed Metro 2040 update, with a new loop encircling downtown D.C. It's a plan that's sparked both excitement and criticism, with one very angry former WMATA board chairman writing recently in the Washington Post that it's "so far beyond dream as to enter the realm of [...]

In the Loop: The Future of Metro?

After two and a half years of planning and more than 100 tested proposals, Metro has settled on a map it hopes represents the future of the system. The map, which Metro planners expect to bring before the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority board next year as part of the long-term regional transit plan aimed at [...]

An Information Hub for All Your Regional Transportation Needs

Have you ever found yourself needing to peruse the District's Comprehensive Plan, the Fairfax County Transit Development Plan, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's long-range strategic plan, and a Purple Line map, but without the time to navigate multiple websites? Well now you're in luck.
The Transportation Planning Board at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, [...]

Metro’s Getting Crowded. Here’s How to Fix It.

Metro is getting close to capacity. Ask any Red Line rider during rush hour, and you'll hear how often you have to wait for one or two trains to pass before you can finally cram your way into a car. Ask Metro itself, and you'll get handy maps.
This, according to a post yesterday on Metro's [...]