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Sleepy Glover Park Keeps the Cork on Liquor

At least there's a Whole Foods.

Calling all booze purveyors: Glover Park just lifted its liquor license moratorium!
Well, a tiny bit at least. Last night, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B voted to allow two more liquor licenses for beer, wine, and spirits into the little commercial strip, going from 12 to 14—the first increase since 2008, when [...]

Could Poplar Point or Benning Road Look Like Brooklyn Bridge Park?

I'm usually not one to engage in "I wish X looked like Y" thinking. As helpful as it can be to imagine an unsatisfactory status quo as something wholly different, that's not much use if there's no feasible way to make it so.
But the vision offered by Brooklyn Bridge Park, which only a few years [...]

Eight Things Seattle Has That D.C. Could Have More Of

If you’ve been following me for the last week, you know that I’m a little bit in love with my hometown. Returning there after thinking about urbanism in D.C. reminded me of all the things that make Seattle a wonderful place to live, many of which are theoretically exportable to D.C. (i.e. not a marine [...]