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Why Did Developer WC Smith Buy Up Most of Congress Heights?

A walk along the District’s far southeastern edge reveals much that wasn’t there 20 years ago. Heading eastward from the Congress Heights Metro station on Alabama Avenue SE, the first stop is the Shops at Park Village, anchored by a Giant that became Ward 8’s first full-service supermarket since the last century when it opened [...]

Waterfront Welcomes Esocoffian Waves (Up Top, At Least)

The website flaunts a pretty roofline.

Sure, you might notice the size of W.C. Smith's newly-for-real apartment building on New Jersey Avenue in the Capitol Riverfront, at a whopping 433 units. You might also notice the even more massive amount of parking it's planning to offer—three full levels underground—and that W.C. Smith's man on the [...]

Farm Teams: Why D.C.’s developer fiefdoms are good for neighborhoods

Toward the end of last year, the Chevy Chase development firm JBG—a real-estate titan, at least by D.C. standards—quietly bought up nearly all of the remaining empty land in the U Street corridor. It was a smart move.
One of JBG’s new chunks of real estate, the derelict and fenced-off Atlantic Plumbing lots around the 9:30 [...]

Year in Preview: D.C. Development in 2011, Before it Happens.

2010 was a big year for development in the District.
Capital markets unfroze, allowing a slew of stalled projects to break ground. Large empty spaces in the architecturally uninspired NoMa and Capitol Riverfront business improvement districts finally started to fill out. A Web-savvy smart growth constituency became a force in planning and politics, and car-centric suburbs [...]