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For D.C. Residents, White House Security Breach Threatens to Chip Away at Their City

Washingtonians shouldn't have to pay the price for a Secret Service misstep.

Pit Stops: White House

The latest installment in an occasional series on restrooms of interest. Peed anywhere neat recently? Let me know.

This is the women's restroom in the Residence, as the armies of attendants call the place where the president lives (or at least the part of it where they allow people to wander during Christmas parties). I was [...]

Feds Finally Fixing President’s Park South

After September 11, lots of things changed in D.C.'s public space: Bollards went up, streets closed, and federal buildings in general became more difficult to get around. They often became downright ugly, too, with chain link fences and concrete hulks channeling people out of newly secure areas.
Such was the case with the area just south [...]

FSBO Site Totally Lowballs the White House

Over the weekend, the ever-vigilant Urbanturf spotted an odd listing in Redfin: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a.k.a. the White House. An obvious glitch, but eye-catching enough to end up on Gawker and Slashdot. Redfin swiftly explained itself: The site automatically pulls listings from a number of sites, including ones that feature properties for sale by owner. [...]

Even Rich Celebrities Get Picked on by Preservationists

Yeah Norah, we're talking about you...
Somewhere in the annals of history, a United States president—a leader of the free world—tried to widen a White House door frame or enlarge a window...and preservationists blocked the construction. You've got to hand it to those people. They're zealots. But they're equal opportunity zealots.
Case in point: Up in Brooklyn, [...]

White House Considers Extending $8,000 HomebuyerTax Credit

This past weekend, the Washington Post did an excellent job envisioning a nightmare scenario: Searching, finding, going under contract and closing on a house by November 30.
Why the rush? The $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit is scheduled to expire by then.

White House: Home, Office and Good Will Builder for the Obamas

Sheep: Lawn maintenance on the cheap during World War I.
The White House is many things: An abode, an office, an event venue.  But it's also a good will-builder for the president—especially in the Obama administration.
In the last ten days, we've learned about two instances in which Barack and Michelle Obama have used the White [...]

Heads of Real Estate

The back side of 3303 Water Street
Heads of Real Estate
Who’s renting, buying, and just staying put in the new administration?
There are a few obvious reasons Valerie Jarrett and Desirée Rogers would want to live at 3303 Water St. NW. It’s in Georgetown. It’s practically on the Potomac. It doesn’t have some ridiculous name like “The [...]

How Much is the White House Worth?

Zillow, which estimates home values, has analyzed the White House and decided a price tag. There are a couple of factors to examine:

The number of rooms: 132 rooms, including 16 family-guest rooms (and a total of 28 fireplaces.)
The square footage: 55,000.
The property itself: 18 acres.
The unique amenities: There's an underground bunker that is said to [...]