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Keep Wheaton Weird: Can you modernize a suburb without making it look like everything else?

One evening this November, about 200 people packed into a room at the offices of a non-profit in Wheaton to tell a team of men in suits how the unincorporated Montogmery County crossroads ought to be transformed. Bethesda-based B.F. Saul Company won a contract to build on government-owned land parcels back in July, and now [...]

A Walk With: Rob Klein, Wheaton Planner

Welcome to another installment of an occasional feature in which I take a walk with somebody interesting in a place they know well. This time: Venturing outside the District! If you've got walking partner nominations, pass them on:
Wheaton is the ugly duckling of southern Montgomery County. While Bethesda has filled up with high-end restaurants [...]

This Would Never Happen in D.C.

While reading about the new Safeway-anchored residential development just approved in Wheaton, all I could think was: Why can't we get these kinds of buildings in the District? It's a 17-story, 486-unit, 195-foot-tall apartment complex that will add density and vibrance to the suburb's delightfully diverse and quirky town center. But it won't look like [...]