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Renderings of the Ultraluxury West Heating Plant Condos

Yesterday I reported on the planned conversion of Georgetown's vacant West Heating Plant into the most expensive condos in town. Last night, developer Richard Levy and architect David Adjaye presented their plans to the public. Details were still sparse—there's much to be planned, let alone approved by the various preservation authorities—but the team shared some renderings of [...]

Georgetown Heating Plant Set to Become D.C.’s Most Expensive Condos “by Far”

The view out the big windows of the Seasons restaurant in Georgetown's Four Seasons hotel is dominated by a deteriorating brick structure that's sat vacant for more than a decade. "In its current state, it's an eyesore," says architect David Adjaye, glancing up from his breakfast toward the West Heating Plant.
Adjaye plans to change that. As [...]

Georgetown Heating Plant Officially Sold to Developers

The General Services Administration is trying to shed some unwanted weight. The agency, which serves as the landlord for federal government buildings, is suffering from tight finances, and so it's taking steps to rid itself of properties it doesn't need. In April, a congressional committee held a hearing in a vacant GSA-owned warehouse on L [...]

Richard Levy, Four Seasons Residences Win Georgetown Plant Auction

As the General Services Administration conducted an online auction to sell off Georgetown's West Heating Plant, there were two parallel contests taking place: one among the developers seeking to buy the plant, and the other among the rest of us, seeking to figure out who the anonymous bidders were.
The first contest wrapped up when the [...]