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Former Swanky 1Hotel to Become Just Like Everything Else

Great things were once in store for the empty corner lot at 22nd and M Street NW: A high-end, eco-friendly 1Hotel, which would have set the standard in D.C. for modern luxury accommodations. Development partners Perseus Realty and Starwood Hotels admitted last fall that probably wasn't going to work out. A few weeks ago, they [...]

An Explanation for the Boutique Hotel Boom

The Peebles Corp. wants to build a hotel at the site of the old Stevens School.
A while back, I wrote about the proliferation of boutique hotels–both recently-opened and in the works–in Washington D.C. and drew up a list of all the new options flooding downtown with their sleek leather furniture and funky lighting (and annoying [...]

Stevens Elementary—Officially the Most Contentious Development Deal of the Year?

Yeah—I think so!
That little downtown building up there is causing a lot of trouble.
Here is a brief history:

When the legendary Stevens Elementary School closed down, nine companies from around the country bid to take over its West End campus. (That was the greatest number of offers generated from any other school redevelopment opportunity in recent [...]

West End Neighbors to Developer: ‘Uh, You Can Leave Now’

Equity Residential/Neighborhood Development Group's plan
Oh the gall! The sheer impudence of it all!
This is just a funny little tidbit I read this morning. As I blogged in late September, West End neighbors are in an uproar over the city's selection of developer Equity Residential to transform the Stevens School downtown.
The locals wants the building [...]