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Kiplinger Forecasts “a Slower-Growing D.C.”

There's been much speculation about what the reduction in federal government spending will mean for the future of the District, and I generally don't put too much stock in any one forecast. But given that Knight Kiplinger is the editor and president of the forecasting publication, the Kiplinger Letter, which claims to be the "most widely [...]

Gray: D.C. Will Be the Greatest City on Earth, and Then Some

Speaking today at the Washington, D.C. Economic Partnership's annual development showcase, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins delivered his usual refrain about how no one loves the District more than his boss, Mayor Vince Gray.
Judging from Gray's speech on the same stage, I'd say he's probably right. According to Gray, D.C. is [...]

Development Report: Anacostia’s Out of Control, JBG’s Tops, More Residential For H Street

What the pipeline looks like, relative to past years.

The Washington D.C. Economic Partnership's annual development report is a beautiful thing: A roundup of everything underway and completed in the city, with data crunched up and nicely displayed so us development watchers can understand what's going on. Sure, it's only updated through August 2011, so [...]

Breaking: Washington D.C. Partnership CEO Steve Moore Resigns

Washington D.C. Economic Partnership CEO Steve Moore has resigned, sources confirmed today. Vice President for Development and Retail Keith Sellars, who has been with the WDCEP for nine years, will take over his position (in fact, in the few minutes since I spoke with Sellars, he's been installed as president and CEO on the WDCEP's [...]