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It’s Official: Washington Post Moving to Franklin Square

After a public and extended search for a new headquarters, the Washington Post is officially moving...three blocks away.
News broke of the Post's likely new location on April 1, after the paper signed a letter of intent to move to One Franklin Square, at 1301 K St. NW. Today, the company announced that it had signed a lease [...]

Renewed Lease at One Franklin Square Shouldn’t Prevent Post Move

The law firm Reed Smith announced today that it will be sticking around its current office building at 1301 K St. NW through 2027. Why should we care? Because 1301 K St. is One Franklin Square, where the Washington Post recently signed a letter of intent to relocate. In breaking the news of the Post's likely move [...]

Washington Post Wants to Move to Franklin Square

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post last summer, the newspaper's building wasn't part of the deal. So the Post looked likely to move its headquarters to one of the District's fast-developing neighborhoods if it wanted a new flagship office.
But now it looks like the Post won't be going that far from its current home at 15th and [...]

What the Height Act Poll Didn’t Ask

A Washington Post poll released last night shows that 61 percent of D.C. residents oppose changing the Height Act to allow taller buildings, to just 37 percent who support such a change. That should send a strong signal to Congress and Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican who requested a study of potential changes to the law, as [...]

Washington Post Building to Be Sold to Carr Properties

First, the Washington Post Co. shed the Washington Post. Then it shed its name. And now, finally, it has rid itself of the aging property that serves as its headquarters.
The company, now known as the Graham Holdings Company, will sell its flagship building and land on 15th Street NW to developer Carr Properties for about $159 [...]

Parking Under the Mall: Not an April Fool’s Joke, But It Should Be

This weekend, The Washington Post ran an editorial in support of what it called "a pretty sensible idea": building a giant parking garage under the National Mall. The concept comes from the "energetic and civic-minded nonprofit" National Coalition to Save the Mall and envisions a facility stretching from 9th Street to 12th Street NW and [...]

The Difference Between New York and Washington

Is that while Washingtonians use their subway system, New Yorkers love their subway system. Case in point: The Saturday New York Times' special section on the New York Subway. Would the Washington Post ever run such a pullout on the Metro? Don't answer that.
The whole package is worth a skim for any train lover or [...]

Meta Urban Geekery: Is It Possible to Talk About Demographic Change Without Editorializing?

A few days ago, Atrios flagged a lede graf in the Washington Post's write-up of a Brookings report on the changing nature of the suburbs, asking: "Nobody noticed what's wrong with this paragraph?" It reads:
The idealized vision of suburbia as a homogenous landscape of prosperity built around the nuclear family took another hit over the [...]

The Convention Center Hotel is Seriously Stalled–Again

A familiar, long-running story is back in the news—and that's definitely a bad thing.
For years, D.C. officials have wanted to build a hotel to support big groups hosting events at the Washington Convention Center. That project—despite the economic downturn—was rejuvenated this summer when Councilmembers Kwame Brown (At-large) and Jack Evans (Ward 2) decided it could [...]

What to Expect From 2010’s Housing Market

The new year is upon us. December's copious top ten roundups are beginning to dwindle. Now, it's time to bring on the lists of hopes, dreams and expectations for 2010!
Benny L. Kass, a real estate columnist for the Washington Post, wrote his own piece entitled "What the new year and new decade will hold for housing [...]