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Metrobusted: D.C.’s subway system needs a new map. Is anything worth saving?

Metro’s rail map, the rainbow diagram that serves as a logo of Washington as much as a tool to navigate the city, is a durable relic.
Unlike New York’s subway, Metro’s rail diagram didn’t go through a trippy ’70s phase that was then scrapped, or waver between representation and abstraction, like Moscow’s. Instead, the map just [...]

D.C. Area Drivers: “Mess With Our Parking And You’ll Be Sorry!”

For a while, I contemplated a headline inspired by that old Braveheart line: "You can take our parking, but you can never take our freedom!" That's the tone of commenters laying into a fresh Washington Post article about new parking policies around the D.C. metro area.
Here's a roundup: MoCo is considering decreasing their parking requirements. [...]