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Metro Considers New Policy That Will NOT Require You to Pay More Money

I know. I know. You cannot believe it.
For months, we've been hearing about how METRO will be upping its fares while decreasing its service hours. But today, the Washington Examiner is reporting a bit of comforting news: If METRO keeps you waiting for too long, you'll be able to recoup the fare under some circumstances, [...]

City Challenges Group Over Exorbitant Tax Lien Fees

A familiar villain rears its head again!
Back in September, a D.C. judge halted the city's annual sale of tax liens on properties with delinquent payments. A Chicago based company named Aeon Financial LLC was demanding that all properties with delinquent payments—instead of just ones owing the city's minimum $1,200 and above—head to the auction block.
Aeon [...]

Auction Back On for Properties With Delinquent Tax Payments

The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) announced this morning that its annual auction of properties with delinquent tax payments has been rescheduled for next week.
The auction was supposed to happen back in September, but it was canceled after a Chicago-based company sued to force the city to put every property with delinquent taxes [...]

West End Neighbors to Developer: ‘Uh, You Can Leave Now’

Equity Residential/Neighborhood Development Group's plan
Oh the gall! The sheer impudence of it all!
This is just a funny little tidbit I read this morning. As I blogged in late September, West End neighbors are in an uproar over the city's selection of developer Equity Residential to transform the Stevens School downtown.
The locals wants the building [...]

Amidst Tax Hikes, City Decreases Vacant Property Tax

Well this is kind of bizarre.
Just as the DC Council approves a budget increasing the sales tax, the gas tax and the cigarette and small cigar tax, it is decreasing a tax on vacant properties from $10 to $5 per $100 of assessed value, the Washington Examiner reports.

DC Neglects to Collect $25 Million from Commercial Property Owners

Remember picking up your third parking ticket of the week? Or dropping all of your quarters, dimes, and nickels into a downtown street meter, only to realize you've paid for just 45 minutes? 
Well, next time you think about Washington D.C.'s revenue problem, I hope this Examiner story comes to mind: "Tax Office Error Cost Taxpayers [...]