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Why Did Developer WC Smith Buy Up Most of Congress Heights?

A walk along the District’s far southeastern edge reveals much that wasn’t there 20 years ago. Heading eastward from the Congress Heights Metro station on Alabama Avenue SE, the first stop is the Shops at Park Village, anchored by a Giant that became Ward 8’s first full-service supermarket since the last century when it opened [...]

Ward 8 Gets Its First Bike Lanes

There are bicyclists throughout D.C., but there aren't always bike lanes to match—a point generally overlooked in the faux-outrage over cyclists' supposed excessive privileges in the city. Biking east of the Anacostia River is often hard, and it's not just because of the hilly terrain. While the District had 72 miles of bike lanes as [...]

D.C. Has 72 Miles of Bike Lanes. Ward 8 Has Zero.

Earlier this week, I wrote about D.C.'s so-called bike deserts, parts of the city that don't have access to a nearby bike shop. The lack of places to fix a flat or buy spare parts discourages biking in parts of the city where low incomes and sparse transit options should theoretically make biking appealing, I [...]

For Longtime Residents, Sometimes Gentrification Isn’t All Bad

There's nothing more divisive in the District than the G-word. Gentrification conjures up images of omnipresent dog boutiques and $5 lattes in what used to be working-class, wallet-friendly neighborhoods. The well-heeled people moving in call it neighborhood revival; the poorer folks being priced out call it displacement.
Except it's not that simple. Most longtime residents of [...]

The New Coast Guard Headquarters Has Arrived. But Will It Help Ward 8?

This afternoon, a group of local and federal VIPs—from Mayor Vince Gray and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.)—gathered at the St. Elizabeths West Campus to cut the ribbon on the new Coast Guard headquarters.
The campus is set to house 3,700 Coast Guard employees, who will move in over the [...]

In Defense of Affordability at Parkway Overlook

My column this week on the ghost town at the former Parkway Overlook Apartments has sparked a debate in the comments and on Twitter over whether the complex should really be restored as affordable housing. The 20 buildings on the property housed more than 1,000 low-income residents receiving Section 8 assistance from the federal government [...]

St. Elizabeths Development Gets Underway With Pavilion Groundbreaking

The ballyhooed development of the St. Elizabeths East Campus finally took a turn for the tangible this morning with the groundbreaking of the site's Gateway Pavilion. The structure, set for completion this fall, will host an array of interim functions, including casual dining, a farmers market, and arts events.
“Today is a day I have long [...]

Righteous Incubation

The Hive II doesn’t open until Nov. 15, but it’s already buzzing. Contractors stroll the halls, putting the finishing touches on the shared workspace and business incubator. Members of ARCH Development Corporation, the nonprofit behind the project, poke their heads out of the space’s private offices. A pink Buddha bust stares expectantly out into one [...]

Power Moves: The District Looks at Burying Its Power Lines

After the region got derechoed this summer and nearly half a million Pepco customers found themselves without power, District leaders went into CYA mode.
Mayor Vince Gray called for a “game-changer” and assembled a 15-member task force to figure out how to move the city’s power lines underground. Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Jack Evans introduced separate proposals [...]

Sticker Shock

When planning started in 2007, Sheridan Station was a glittering vision of progress for the historic, but dilapidated, neighborhood of Anacostia.
A former public housing complex off Suitland Parkway, Sheridan had gotten special federal funds to become a mixed-income community, with residents of the demolished old buildings renting apartments next to buyers of brand-new condos. Developer [...]