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Bowser Pledges to Send Streetcar to Ward 7 and Georgetown

The mayor didn't commit to a further expansion of the system.

Walmart’s Coming to Skyland, Which Means Skyland Development Will Go Forward

The mega-development, more than 10 years in the works, will go ahead now that there's an anchor tenant.

On D.C.’s Entitled “Bike Terrorists”

On Monday, I joined Veronica Davis, a self-described "Jill of all trades" whose many roles include transportation planner and co-founder of the organizing and advocacy group Black Women Bike, for a bicycle trip through Ward 7. Davis commutes between her office downtown and her home in Fairfax Village, a quiet residential community by the Maryland border, [...]

Power Moves: The District Looks at Burying Its Power Lines

After the region got derechoed this summer and nearly half a million Pepco customers found themselves without power, District leaders went into CYA mode.
Mayor Vince Gray called for a “game-changer” and assembled a 15-member task force to figure out how to move the city’s power lines underground. Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Jack Evans introduced separate proposals [...]

Ward 7 Site Shopping For Developers

The most attractive building sites sometimes take the longest to put together, since they're composed of a bunch of little lots owned by people with varying degrees of willingness to sell. Just ask Gary Rappaport, who's been waiting for over a decade for the city to gain ownership of all of Skyland, or Douglas Jemal, [...]

Would You Open a Restaurant in Ward 7 for $700,000?

Last night, Council Chairman Kwame Brown came out with his edits to the Mayor's budget for agencies within his purview, and one tweak jumped out at me: A $300,000 increase to the Department of Planning and Economic Development's grant making authority to "encourage development, attract new business, and in particular ensure development and help bring another [...]

Can Walmart Help Revitalize A Corner of D.C.?

There are few reasons to go to Dix Street NE, far on the city's northeastern border. It's got a handful of small churches, some nice parks, and some industrial warehouses that may or may not be vacant. Though inhabited, it feels empty, with only a few dubious-looking carryouts and liquor stores in the way of [...]

This Week in Walmart News

Since there's enough news about Walmart to fill a blog all by itself, I think I'll start doing a digest once in a while. Here's what we learned this week:

Walmart may be all about everyday low prices, but it's not skimping on its local help: Along with David Wilmot, the company has retained Venable's Claude [...]

A Walk With: Sylvia Brown, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Deanwood

Welcome to a new occasional feature on Housing Complex, in which we take a walk with someone who has a very distinct perspective on their neighborhood—could be a developer, a beat cop, or a precocious 12-year-old. If you’ve got an idea for someone who might make an interesting subject, send ‘em along:
For someone who [...]

Ward 7 Civic Leaders Angered By Pollin Development

For a lot of Washingtonians, today is all about the late Abe Pollin—for better, and for worse in some cases.
In Chinatown, well-wishers will drop off stuffed animals, Lego sets and others toys to honor Pollin at the site of his most famous accomplishment, the Verizon Center. Meanwhile, across town in Ward 7, local civic leaders [...]