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Five Maps and Charts That Explain D.C.’s Growth

Why downtown is the past and Ward 5 is the future.

On Ward 5 Industrial Land, Striking a Balance Between Neighbors’ Desires and City’s Needs

Last year, I stood with Doug Jemal on a portion of a derelict lot on New York Avenue NE that he was planning to turn into a major commercial and retail development. The site of the former Hecht Company distribution center—which Jemal, Douglas Development's founder and president, has since decided to turn into residences instead of offices—didn't look [...]

Vice Principles

Kenyan McDuffie eyed the small plastic shot glass in his hand with suspicion, then took a sip. The proprietors of New Columbia Distillers waited for the Ward 5 councilmember’s reaction to their Green Hat Gin. McDuffie swallowed, and smiled.
“I’m not generally a gin drinker,” McDuffie said, “but it’s good.”
McDuffie and three of his aides were [...]

City Plans to Appeal Ivy City Ruling, Despite McDuffie’s Protests

Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie sent a letter to Mayor Vince Gray today urging him not to appeal a decision by a judge this week barring the city from using an Ivy City parking lot for bus parking.
"On December 10th, Judge Judith N. Macaluso issued an injunction that temporarily halts the operation of the planned [...]

Box Boom

Vince Gray beamed as he strode down the aisle, trailed by a cluster of aides and constituents hoping for a photo with the mayor, clutching a fork in one hand and a plate of appetizers in the other. “Imagine how many jobs this will create!” he said.
The scene last Wednesday was a preview reception at [...]

Is There Hope for Woodridge?

On the western end of the eastern half of Rhode Island Avenue NE, gentrification has done its work, lining the broad road with proudly restored rowhouses flowing out of Bloomingdale. After heading up over a crest, the avenue descends past a rough patch of car ramps up to a strip mall vacated last year by [...]

You Put Your Weed In There

It’s been 13 years since D.C. voted to approve the use of medical marijuana, passing the initiative with a 69 percent majority. Congress sat on the ballot measure for a decade, and the District took another couple years to create regulations that would govern how all worked. By then, it was entirely possible District residents [...]

Bladensburg Road to Amsterdam: Is There Really a “Red Light District” In Ward Five?

The Board of Zoning Adjustment was scheduled to render a decision this week on one of the higher-ick-factor cases to come before it in recent months: Whether the Zoning Administrator had erred in issuing a standard Certificate of Occupancy to the Stadium Club, a steak-and-strippers joint off Bladensburg Road NE. A group called the Ward [...]

Waltzing With Walmart: Can D.C. convince the world’s largest retailer to take up urbanism?

Over the three decades Brookland Hardware has operated on the corner of 12th and Monroe streets NE, it seems to have nested in place. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are densely hung with every kind of fastener, cleaning agent, and kitchen implement a home improver might desire. Narrow aisles are further crowded by power tools to rent, which [...]

Marion Barry’s Not the Only One With Nonprofit Trouble

It turns out Ward 8's Marion Barry is not the only councilmember embroiled in nonprofit drama.
Remember that nice 237-home development I wrote about? A Brookland seminary offered up the land—once occupied by old sports fields—now that their student body has dwindled. 
Well, Ward 5's Harry Thomas Jr. came out vigorously in support of the project, despite reservations [...]