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Starting Over At Walter Reed

So, all that visioning and planning and approving that went on over the last months of 2010 to figure out what to do with the District's portion of Walter Reed? Take a deep breath, kids, because we're starting the clock over again. With the new footprint that's finally been hashed out with the State Department, [...]

What a Georgia Avenue Walmart Would Look Like

Via Richard Layman, we now have an idea of the proposed Walmart on Georgia Avenue would look like: No better or worse than most supermarkets, though the 801 New Jersey one fits better in an urban context. (UPDATE, 9:50 p.m. – In all fairness, the Brightwoodian posted this a month ago.)
Layman also has some thoughts [...]

Zoning Fights That Make Me Sad

I had the pleasure of attending two ANC meetings over the last two evenings in which zoning for two specific parcels was discussed: One, for the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue, and another, for the Big Bear Cafe on First and R Streets NW. Both left me feeling even more depressed than ANC meetings [...]

Walmart Moves on New York, Ward 4 Marches on Foulger-Pratt

Walmart's mounting a new offensive to gain entrance to New York City, but the stealth strategy won't work there like in did in  Washington D.C. The company has been nosing around New York for years now, only to be defeated by unions and skeptical politicians–but this time, it doesn't intend to be denied, coming with [...]

Charter Schools, Homeless Providers Named in Walter Reed Draft Plan

The plan for building out the District's 62.5-acre site at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on northern Georgia Avenue cleared its first big hurdle last night, when the local redevelopment authority (LRA) voted unanimously to recommend a mix of uses and handful of non-profits to occupy the new public space.
The broad outlines remain similar to [...]

Ward 4 Says: Too Many Group Homes!

Cries of protest have issued from Ward 8 recently over a sense that too many group homes have been “dumped” across the river. But residents of Ward 4 have been feeling the same way.
At a forum last night organized by Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, Attorney General Peter Nickles and a slate of officials from [...]

Twenty Three Dreams for Walter Reed

On Tuesday, ANC 4A had two presentations on its agenda: Howard University, and a small Chinese-language charter school called Yu Ying. Both praised Ward 4 to high heaven, seeking the Commissioners’ support in their attempt to locate in the same place: A parcel at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which at this point is a [...]