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The Calm Before the Dorm

“Development Invades the Preserve of the Wealthy,” declared the Washington Post headline. A new residential project near American University called Westover Place had neighbors up in arms, worried that their peaceful lifestyle would be disrupted by a horde of new residents.
“Here you have these fine established residential neighborhoods, which will be impacted with increased density [...]

Power Moves: The District Looks at Burying Its Power Lines

After the region got derechoed this summer and nearly half a million Pepco customers found themselves without power, District leaders went into CYA mode.
Mayor Vince Gray called for a “game-changer” and assembled a 15-member task force to figure out how to move the city’s power lines underground. Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Jack Evans introduced separate proposals [...]

NIMBYs for Mendo: How Could D.C.’s Next Council Chair Affect Development?

Barring some major upset, it seems pretty likely that all-of-a-sudden Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will be able to stick around after a special election. While certainly not omnipotent, Council chairs have substantially more influence over things we talk about in Housing Complex land, through their ability to make bills move quickly or slowly, and corral [...]

Department of Ironic Relocations: David Brooks Moves to Ward 3

New York Times columnist David Brooks couldn't have characterized the entire population of Ward 3 as suffering from made-up social diseases having to do with the modesty of their bank accounts as compared with the magnitude of the institutions they control, then bought a $3.95 million house in their midst, and expected to get away with [...]

Bigger is Better in High-Wattage Ward 3

At a large, brick house on Reno Road NW last Friday afternoon,  casual passersby would have been forgiven for thinking a baby shower was underway. Smiling attendants in sky blue polos welcomed guests to a yard with tables full of refreshments, as a photographer snapped away. Inside, neighbors flocked to congratulate a visibly pregnant woman, [...]