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Schoolhouse Hunting

Almost immediately after she started Yu Ying public charter school in 2008, Mary Shaffner began looking for new space. Her Chinese immersion program had proven popular, and she wanted to add space to meet demand.
At first, the options looked good. School closings in that year had left buildings empty all around the District, and Shaffner [...]

If You Were Wondering: No FBI for Walter Reed

When the news broke in early December that the feds were actually going to move the Federal Bureau of Investigation out of its hideous and "functionally obsolete" Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters, a shockwave of excitement rippled through nearby jurisdictions. Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince Georges counties quickly invited the massive government agency to their eligible sites. The [...]

Walter Reed’s Oldest Building Up For Grabs

Now that Walter Reed has closed—and nearby businesses are suffering from drastically reduced traffic—the city is grinding through the process to craft a new reuse plan for the site. The local redevelopment authority is re-soliciting notices of interest from homeless providers and government agencies, reserving the right to stick with its original choices (or not). [...]