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Bogus Trend Spotting, Man Cave Edition

By reacting to a story about "man-caves," I almost feel like I'm taking the Wall Street Journal's anti-feminist bait. But in the name of giving obligatory WTFs to bogus trends: What the fuck, Wall Street Journal?
The story does have some substance, in bringing to light the micro-industry of outfitting spaces just for dudes. There's, [...]

WSJ: D.C. Has the Jobs, Not So Much the Houses

Yesterday, we looked at rental conditions. Today, we have some stats on houses: the Wall Street Journal's quarterly survey of  urban areas finds that there's a lot of inventory around the country from foreclosures, and a lot of distressed borrowers who might lose their homes soon. Nationwide, that's depressing prices. But in D.C., things are [...]

Ugh, Why is D.C. the Hardest Place to Find An Apartment?

So, I'm reading this Wall Street Journal article about apartment vacancy rates and it's telling me how easy it is find an apartment these days: rents are down 3 percent nationally. The vacancy rate is 8 percent. In New York City, "60% of rental buildings dropped their rents in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter." [...]

The Latest on the Watergate Hotel…

An old Monument Realty sign near the entrance to the Watergate Hotel. Rooms should be available right about now!
Back in July, I and many members of the national and international press corps packed into a small Friendship Heights office for the auction of the Watergate Hotel. BBC was there! And CNN! And then...and then...nothing really [...]

A Few More Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

For last week's column, I wrote about the first-time homebuyer credit and provided some tips for people interested in taking advantage of the "free money," as we wrote on our cover.
Well now, the Wall Street Journal-–bunch of copy cats!—has a similar story on their website. I think we covered most of the same bases: the [...]

Your Landlord Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is now allowing former owners to rent out their own foreclosed homes. The thinking behind this, according to the Wall Street Journal, is to "forestall the rash of foreclosed houses coming on the market," which are lessening home values and obviously selling for very low prices. The program has critics, who say Fannie [...]

Congress May Pass New Homebuyer Tax Credit This Week

Two sources—the New York Times and Reuters—are reporting that Congress will likely be renewing the first-time homebuyer tax credit in the next few days. "After weeks of partisan bickering, the Senate voted 97 to 1 to clear a procedural hurdle and move to final passage on Wednesday or Thursday. The House of Representatives is expected [...]

Watergate Hotel Reportedly Under Contract

In July, reporters and camera men from news outlets all over the world piled into a Friendship Heights office to witness the auction of the foreclosed Watergate Hotel.
Too bad, no one really bid.
One offer was tossed out: $25 million from the original lender for the purchase of the hotel, PB Capital. A lot of [...]

Actors Playing Happy Homeowners—Joke or Not a Joke?

On April 1, Marketplace aired a fake story about a home-buyer, who thought he was purchasing property in a vibrant neighborhood with great, active families living next door. Then, right after he moved in, the street went vacant. Where had the people gone? They were actors, he realized, "hired to play neighbors in an increasingly [...]