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Walmart Moves on New York, Ward 4 Marches on Foulger-Pratt

Walmart's mounting a new offensive to gain entrance to New York City, but the stealth strategy won't work there like in did in  Washington D.C. The company has been nosing around New York for years now, only to be defeated by unions and skeptical politicians–but this time, it doesn't intend to be denied, coming with [...]

Walmart Resistance Begins in Ward 4

After a few weeks of processing the news of Walmart's arrival, it looks like at least one neighborhood–Brightwood–is mobilizing in attempt to bend the company to its will.
Funny thing is, the outcry wouldn't be as loud if developer Foulger-Pratt hadn't backed out of a planned community meeting on the subject, calling it "unecessary."
Rebecca Mills, who [...]

Wal-Mart News, Fast and Furious

It seems like the whole world has turned upside down in 24 hours, as Wal-Mart–which for years circled D.C., kicking the tires of various locations–announced four stores all at once and set up a web site offering helpful tips for how you can "lend your voice of support to the Wal-Mart community." And this isn't [...]

More Rampant Walmart Speculation

Well, since Councilmembers Wells and Alexander sent the Twitterverse into a tizzy last night by hinting that Walmart had inked a deal to come to the District, let's game out their options, shall we?
Here's what we know:

They're considering opening multiple locations.
They have probably agreed to meet average grocery store wages in D.C.
They're looking in Ward [...]

Waltzing With Walmart: Can D.C. convince the world’s largest retailer to take up urbanism?

Over the three decades Brookland Hardware has operated on the corner of 12th and Monroe streets NE, it seems to have nested in place. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are densely hung with every kind of fastener, cleaning agent, and kitchen implement a home improver might desire. Narrow aisles are further crowded by power tools to rent, which [...]

Poll: D.C. Wants to Make Big Box Stores Pay Up, Hire Local

Call them prescient: A week after the news breaks that Wal-Mart has finally found a viable place to locate in the District, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union has a poll out with evidence that D.C. residents support making big box stores pay a living wage and hire from local communities.
The idea failed in [...]

Ward 5 to Get the Nation’s First Mixed-Use Wal-Mart?

On Monday, the news broke that the land on far New York Avenue Northeast once slated for a mixed-use development was now expected to get a Wal-Mart. Listserv chatter since then has been conflicted: Does D.C. really want to host the biggest and boxiest of the U.S.' bix box stores?
Last night, though, Ward 5 Councilmember [...]

Wal-Mart Contemplates Locating Right Next to New Costco

Jonathan O'Connell reports this morning that Wal-Mart is in negotiations with brothers Andrew, Gerald, and David Schaeffer to set up shop on their parcel of land bounded by New York Avenue, Bladensburg Road, and Montana NE. Sounds like a reasonable alternative for a space that, until mid-May, developer Jim Abdo had envisioned as the [...]