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Gap Between D.C.’s Rich and Poor Hits 35-Year High

Black residents are more than four times as likely to be unemployed as white residents.

Bikeshare Showdown Possible as Workers’ Deadline Approaches

Two weeks ago, a group of former Capital Bikeshare workers and allies delivered a petition to the program's general manager and—eventually—the District Department of Transportation, demanding back pay and higher wages. The current and former employees who signed the petition charge that the company operating Capital Bikeshare, Portland, Ore.-based Alta Bicycle Share, isn't complying with [...]

Bikeshare Workers’ Wage Protest Stops by Wrong Office

Capital Bikeshare workers feel they're not getting their due. They allege that they haven't been paid the prevailing wages and benefits they're owed, and the U.S. Department of Labor is investigating their claim. Last month, 16 current and former employees signed a letter to Portland, Ore.-based Alta Bicycle Share, Capital Bikeshare's operator, demanding back pay. And [...]

Living Wage to Get More Livable (But it May Not Matter)

More employment news! On Monday, the Department of Employment Services issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would raise the living wage from its current $12.10 a whole forty cents, to $12.50 per hour, retroactive to the beginning of the year. The level started at $11.75 in 2006, and has risen annually with the consumer [...]