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Marines, Contrite, Keep Trying to Fit In

It’s not a problem Thomas Jefferson could have foreseen when he identified a site on the southeastern shoreline of the new Capitol for a new military base: That the city would grow so dense, and the security risk to enlisted men so severe, that the Navy would have to find new space in the already-crowded [...]

Eleanor Holmes: Save the Garden, But Nevermind That Community Center

Missed this one last week: D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a strongly-worded letter to the Marines objecting to their tentative plans to put new barracks on land currently in use as a community garden and ten-year-old doggie daycare business. The strapping lads and ladies, she wrote, are certainly fit enough to walk a few [...]

A Visual Argument for Virginia Avenue Park

The gardeners fighting to save Virginia Avenue Park in South Capitol Hill from becoming barracks for the Marines have kicked up their advocacy with a nicely-produced video:

Richard Layman made the interesting argument last week that it makes sense to put the barracks there because urban places should be urban, as market forces create higher density. [...]