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Catania, Gray Bills Aim to Prevent Future Museum Squares

A legal loophole allows building owners to charge exorbitant prices for tenants to remain in their apartments. Two proposals would address that.

Poll: Most D.C. Residents Support School-Assignment Changes

Maybe mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser and David Catania will rethink their opposition to a plan they can't easily undo.

Mr. Gray Goes to Beijing (Again)

Don't worry: You're not paying for it.

Zone Defense

It took just 20 minutes from the time Mayor Vince Gray announced his planned overhaul of the city’s public school assignment system last Thursday for the boos to start raining down on the DC Urban Moms and Dads online discussion forum. “Well, that sucks,” was the first reaction, from a Crestwood resident posting anonymously. “Just [...]

Are Children a Drain on the District? Gray Doesn’t Think So.

Once upon a time, most D.C. parents with the means to do so took their kids out of the public school system: to private schools, to the suburbs—anywhere but the troubled public schools. The trend only accelerated after 1996, when Congress and the D.C. Council voted to allow charter schools in the District, giving rich and poor [...]

Gray to FBI: Good Riddance

If you thought Mayor Vince Gray might be sad to see the Federal Bureau of Investigation leave the District, he's got four words for you: "I couldn't care less."
Last month, the federal government announced a short list of three potential sites for a new headquarters for the FBI, which will leave its outdated headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the [...]

Gray Releases Plan to Boost D.C.’s “Creative Economy”

Once again, Vince Gray has bested Adrian Fenty. The Creative Economy Strategy for the District of Columbia Gray unveiled this morning bears more than a passing resemblance to Fenty's 2010 Creative DC Action Agenda, but look closer: Gray's plan is 22 pages longer than Fenty's, has six more mentions of millennials, and has better stock footage of scenesters in office settings.
Less [...]

Gray: Council Budget Would Delay Streetcar Until 2045, Raise Cost

If the D.C. Council's proposed changes to streetcar funding are allowed to stand, the 22-mile priority streetcar system won't be completed until 2045 and will cost 50 percent more than under the current plan, Mayor Vince Gray says in a letter to Council Chairman Phil Mendelson explaining his veto of the Council's budget.
Gray has vetoed the entirety [...]

A Streetcar Named Misfire

It began, as so many budget fights do, with a line of jargon. “The Council’s plan,” explained the D.C. Council’s Committee of the Whole in its report last week on Council Chairman Phil Mendelson’s budget proposal, “adjusts the upcoming proposed streetcar paygo transfer from a fixed to a floating base year.”
That adjustment, inscrutable to all [...]

Budget Dispute Launches War of Words Between Mendelson and Mayor’s Office

How contentious is tomorrow's budget vote in the D.C. Council? Contentious enough that the mayor's office is comparing the Council chairman to the right-wing billionaire Koch brothers, and the chairman is accusing the mayor's office of stirring up false outrage.
Mayor Vince Gray delivered his $10.7 billion budget proposal to the Council last month. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson has come up [...]