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Bowser Will Review Gray’s Last-Minute Development Deals

Development contracts awarded at the 11th hour by Vince Gray could be rescinded.

Walmart’s Coming to Skyland, Which Means Skyland Development Will Go Forward

The mega-development, more than 10 years in the works, will go ahead now that there's an anchor tenant.

Gray and Bowser: We’re Not Closing I-395 to Speed Development

Foodies eager for Eataly might have to wait a little longer.

Over Dire Warnings from Gray, Council Approves Shelter Definition

Where's Noah Webster when you need him? The latest showdown between the D.C. Council and the administration of Mayor Vince Gray centers on a simple definition: the meaning of the term "private room."
Last winter, the matter headed to the courts, to decide whether the city's use of partitioned spaced in recreation centers conformed to the D.C. law requiring shelter [...]

Council Passes Bill Requiring Affordable Housing on Public Land, Over Gray’s Objection

Up to 30 percent of units at new developments on city-owned lands could be set aside as affordable.

State Department Seeks Part of D.C.’s Walter Reed Allotment, Throwing Plans in Doubt

The years-in-the-making redevelopment of Walter Reed is threatened by a State Department plan.

Gray: D.C.’s on Track to Surpass Affordable Housing Goals

The mayor's goal of 10,000 affordable housing units by 2020 is within reach. But few of those units are for the lowest-income residents.

Catania, Gray Bills Aim to Prevent Future Museum Squares

A legal loophole allows building owners to charge exorbitant prices for tenants to remain in their apartments. Two proposals would address that.

Poll: Most D.C. Residents Support School-Assignment Changes

Maybe mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser and David Catania will rethink their opposition to a plan they can't easily undo.

Mr. Gray Goes to Beijing (Again)

Don't worry: You're not paying for it.