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Metro’s Most Popular Trips, by the Numbers

Thanks to PlanItMetro's data dump and Greater Greater Washington's number crunching, we now have a pretty good sense of which Metro stations are busiest at various times of the day. During the morning commute, Union Station sees the most people entering the system (presumably commuters from outside the city/region), and the two Farragut Square stations [...]

More Than 400 Homes Examined in Fairfax Mortgage Fraud Investigation

This morning's Washington Post also covers the colossal mortgage fraud bust in Fairfax County first reported yesterday.
Local police have been investigating the operation since 2007, according to the Post. The alleged mastermind in the scheme is Ruben Rojas, 30, a Vienna-based real estate agent, who would recruit straw buyers—people who lent their name to purchasing homes, but never [...]