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Spirit Fitness Eviction Trial Set for Jan. 29

Last week, I wrote about the strange story of the Spirit Fitness Health and Wellness Center in Anacostia. Briefly, the Salvation Army is trying to evict Spirit for being $160,000 behind in its rent, and Rev. Willie Wilson, former mayoral candidate and president-although-he-won't-admit-it of Spirit, is accusing the Salvation Army of breaking its promises. (Also involved [...]

Anacostia Eviction Battle: The Salvation Army, a Former Mayoral Candidate, and the Shadow Campaign?

A battle is brewing over an Anacostia health center facing eviction—and it appears to involve an alleged central figure in the so-called "shadow campaign" to help elect Mayor Vince Gray.
The fight is between the Spirit Fitness Health and Wellness Center and the Salvation Army. Rev. Willie Wilson, the president of Spirit and a senior pastor at Anacostia's [...]