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Livable. Walkable. Federal?

“How many of you go to L’Enfant Plaza to dine or for entertainment?” the General Services Administration’s Genevieve Hanson asked a crowd of about 50 developers and interested members of the public last week. Two hands went up.
Hanson rephrased her question: How many of the audience members considered the area just south of the National [...]

A Reminder of the Truly Bygone Eras in D.C.

Washingtonians have a habit of fetishizing The Way Things Used To Be. But our romantic nostalgia tends to extend back only a generation or two, and overlooks the fact that the Washington on which we look back fondly was itself a radical departure from earlier times. Much of what seems to have been around forever [...]

Building Around a Relic: The Shaw Urban Renewal Plan

Building most anything in the District requires many levels of review by commissions, councils, and boards, to comply with regulations imposed by overlays, Acts, and districts. In Shaw, there's even one more more hurdle to clear: The Shaw School Urban Renewal Plan, a document adopted by the National Capital Planning Commission and sanctified by HUD [...]