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Yards Park Shortlisted for Award for Design and Community Revival

In a coup for D.C.'s long-maligned waterfront, Yards Park was shortlisted yesterday for the Urban Land Institute’s Open Spaces Award. The annual contest recognizes a new outdoor public space that has “enriched and revitalized its surrounding community,” according to ULI’s website.
The three-year-old Yards Park, located by  abandoned warehouses and empty lots along the Anacostia River [...]

ULI Scholar: Georgetown’s Such a Special Place That Glassy Apple Store Would Have Ruined It

And you thought we were done hashing over the Georgetown Apple Store debate! Never, my friends. In the fall issue of the very charming Planning Commissioners Journal, Urban Land Institute senior fellow Edward T. McMahon uses the federalified Georgetown Apple Store as a demonstration of the neighborhood's placemaking power: Even robbed of its now-iconic glass-cube [...]

Parking Minimums Prolong Recessions?

The Washington Convention Center is packed full of real estate types today for the Urban Land Institute's annual wingding. This morning, local wonder boy Jair K. Lynch sat on a panel about prospects for smaller-scale developers, and dropped one of the more interesting remarks of the morning: Jurisdictions that lag behind current trends in personal [...]

Study: Washington D.C. Has the Strongest Commercial Real Estate Market in U.S.

K Street downtown
Yesterday the Urban Land Institute released its annual survey on commercial real estate across the country naming D.C. the number one "recession-proof city," ahead of San Francisco, Boston, Austin, and New York.
This is really no surprise. Though I recently posted on a vision—laid out by New York magazine—about artists transforming empty office spaces into [...]