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Other Ways to Keep a Pleasant Retail Mix

Matt Yglesias responds to the news that ANC 6B might advocate for a liquor license moratorium by going on a tear about why such restrictions are "highly un-optimal." The best solution, he says, would simply be to add more retail square footage. But if residents don't want to zone more areas for commercial use, "then [...]

Neighborhood-making in Midcity

The 14th and U Street corridors feel like one commercial district. And they’re even treated that way by zoning regulations, nestled under an overlay that imposes special rules on construction and business uses. But when talking about the area, it’s easy to stumble over what to call it: Dupont? Logan Circle? The U Street Area?
For [...]

After Small Bump, ARTS Overlay Amendment Looks Set for Smooth Ride Through Zoning Commission

A few weeks after boosting the ARTS Overlay restriction on bars and restaurants in Midcity on an emergency basis, the Zoning Commission reconvened to hear arguments as to whether or not it should be permanently raised, as recommended by the Office of Planning.
Except nobody showed up to oppose it.
ANC 2B commissioner Ramon Estrada, who had [...]