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With Gueverra On The Way Out, Community College Students Vent Frustration

Looks like a last ditch attempt to keep the Community College of D.C.'s first CEO Jonathan Gueverra from leaving out of frustration with the school's continued underfunding and slow progress towards independence from the University of the District of Columbia didn't work: According to Mayor Vince Gray's spokesman Pedro Ribeiro, he's gone for good. "We're disappointed [...]

Pit Stops: University of the District of Columbia

Part of an occasional series on restrooms of interest. Peed anywhere neat recently? Drop me a line:
The University of the District of Columbia's facilities have been improving rapidly since President Allen Sessoms came into office. Even people who aren't happy about other changes at the university will admit the formerly dark and dangerous garage [...]

UDC: The Outtakes

Celebrating a pretty plaza.

I've got a cover story this week on the travails of the University of the District of Columbia, which is looking at some massive downsizing in the near future. As usual, not everything fit in the print version, so here are some excessed thoughts:

The question that occurred to me when [...]

Community College CEO Quits, Decamps to Florida

In a sharp blow to the District's not-even-three-year-old community college, its chief executive—Dr. Jonathan Gueverra—is leaving for another one.
The Florida Keys Community College announced yesterday that Gueverra would become its sixth president. And it appears as though he's been contemplating the move for some time: The choice came "after months of sifting through dozens of [...]

Can UDC Make the Jump?

Along with hospitals, affordable housing, and libraries, add one more District priority that didn't get what its advocates wanted in the mayor's budget for 2013: The University of the District of Columbia. Local funding has bounced around $63 million since 1997, and President Allen Sessoms had asked for it to be bumped up to $85.1 million [...]

D.C. Hoping to Level Financial Playing Field For Kids to Attend Local Schools

Remember that problem with the University of the District of Columbia not being eligible for the federally-funded Tuition Access Grant, which provides $10,000 per year for D.C. kids to go to colleges outside the District, while local private schools get only $2,500? The Office of the State Superintendent of Education is trying to fix that [...]

Should UDC Get Federal Tuition Assistance?

As Will Sommer's story in this week's print edition notes, it's difficult being the University of the District of Columbia. As a city-run university in a town with dozens of fancier schools, you're constantly maligned, slighted, persecuted, and having your ambitions questioned (embarrassing presidential spending patterns, of course, don't help).
One of those insults, over the [...]

Can UDC Get Its Students to Come Without Cars?

Out of all the campus plans working their way towards the Zoning Commission this year, the University of the District of Columbia's is somewhat unique: None of the others are attempting to transform themselves into something entirely different. With this year's launch of the Community College of the District of Columbia–which will accommodate many of [...]

UDC President’s Residence Used For Wholly Unshocking Purposes

After Fox 5 News uncovered University of the District of Columbia president Allen Sessoms' big ticket plane tickets—generating indignation and calls for further scrutiny—we thought, "Hmmm, wonder what he's doing with other perks of the job?" One of them is a comfortable four-bedroom at 3520 Rittenhouse St. NW, which the university spent a couple hundred [...]

This Week in Walmart News

Since there's enough news about Walmart to fill a blog all by itself, I think I'll start doing a digest once in a while. Here's what we learned this week:

Walmart may be all about everyday low prices, but it's not skimping on its local help: Along with David Wilmot, the company has retained Venable's Claude [...]