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Is the Living Wage Bill’s Union Opt-Out a Distraction?

Earlier this week, Walmart spokesman Steven Restivo sent out one of his regular press email blasts on a familiar topic: what he perceives as the unfair exemption from the controversial living-wage bill for unionized Walmart competitors like the Safeway and Giant supermarket chains. His email begins with an excerpt from a recent Los Angeles Times [...]

History Shows It’s Possible to Employ D.C. Residents When You Have To

As a follow up to yesterday's protest over Clark Construction's low local hiring numbers at St. Elizabeths, let's take a look back.
Once upon a time, there was a project called the Nationals Stadium. It was very heavily funded by the city, and Mayor Anthony Williams set ambitious targets for hiring of D.C. residents, as did [...]

Faced With Union Protest, Downtown BID Cancels Report Release

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the Downtown Business Improvement District was scheduled to release its annual State of Downtown Report, a splashy event at the Newseum typically attended by the city's development mucketymucks. But in the last few days, they learned that the event would be protested by some of their own staff: The red-suited [...]