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There’s Got To Be Some Kind of Message in This

Upon second inspections, it appears that not only have spires fallen from the top of the National Cathedral, but a crack has appeared in the ceiling of Union Station, and the top of the Washington Monument has fractured as well. That means tectonic shifting has damaged icons of American religion, commerce, and government. What is [...]

Where the Streetcar Ends

I'm going into a lot more detail on this in my print column this week, but since the Post went ahead and mentioned what the District Department of Transportation is thinking about vis-a-vis the H Street line's terminus at Union Station—after it came to light that the original plan for running it straight underneath Amtrak's [...]

Columbus Plaza to Finally Get Its Facelift

It's fair to say that Columbus Plaza, the sprawling semi-circle in front of Union Station, is the city's most embarrassingly neglected public space. The asphalt has mountainous ruts, bricks are falling out of the pavement, hunks of concrete are still serving as security barriers, pedestrians have worn dirt paths in the grass where there should [...]

Union Station Scales Back Plans for “Pit” in Main Hall, Proposes Mini-Pits Instead

Around this time last year, preservationists were aghast at the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation's idea to cut a giant pit in the floor of the main hall with an elevated cafe above it and glass elevators descending to the food court below. After disappearing for a while, they've come back with a more modest proposal: [...]

Union Station: Don’t Tax Me, Bro

One of the District's biggest fiscal problems is the inability to tax federal property. But but it has been able to levy a "possessory interest tax" on leases at federal properties—which has long irked the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, a non-profit that subleases the station to the New York City-based Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation. Over the [...]

H Street Trolley Won’t Get Direct Connection to Union Station

Back in April, the District Department of Transportation's point man on streetcars, Scott Kubly, assured the denizens of H Street NE that they were still working with Amtrak to run the western end of the streetcar underneath the railroad tracks, creating a direct connection to Union Station and transit links to the rest of the [...]

Union Station Can’t Get It Together

The transit world was abuzz yesterday with news of the Obama administration's $2 billion worth of improvements for high-speed rail service in the Northeast Corridor, Midwest, and California. Guess who missed out? The District, of course.
Specifically, Union Station, which hasn't had major infrastructure improvements since the 1980s, and has only increased Metro station capacity by [...]

DDOT Lays Out H Street Trolley Endgame

There it is: The light at the end of the tunnel for H Street's long suffering.
By June 30th, the District Department of Transportation announced last night at an update meeting on the streetcar, they expect to "substantially complete" street and sidewalk work in the corridor. And with $99.3 million in the Mayor's capital budget over [...]

A Negative Ad…About a Tax Abatement?

The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute does great work on a lot of very important issues, but tax policy will never be the sexiest subject. To dramatize the City Council's latest proposed giveaway–to Union Station's commercial tenants–they've put together an awesomely ominous attack ad (and it's only Episode 1!).
To add my own two cents: The Union [...]

Preservationists Rally Against Plan for “Pit” in Union Station

Big changes are coming to Union Station. Last year, Congress told the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation to come up with a comprehensive plan for the facility, which recieved its last major renovation in the mid 1980s. Planned additions include an intercity bus facility on the existing bus deck, an expanded mezzanine for the metro, and–in [...]