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An FBI HQ by Union Station? We’d Regret It in the Long Run.


Washingtonian reports that among the 35 proposals submitted to the federal government to relocate the FBI from its Pennsylvania Avenue NW headquarters was one from Republic Properties to keep the agency downtown by moving it near Union Station. Republic Properties confirms the report of a proposed site between North Capitol Street, [...]

It’s Not Easy Getting Green

Walking through the streets of NoMa these days, you get the sense you’ve stepped into a well-played game of SimCity. Crisp and glassy, it’s a commercial zone, to be sure, and a strategically placed one: It’s served by three major thoroughfares, two Metro stations, all the regional and Amtrak train lines passing through Union Station, [...]

So Long, Greyhound Bus Terminal. Hello, Neighborhood Development.

The Greyhound Bus Terminal is no more. And no one's shedding any tears over it.
The First Street NE site, as the Post describes, has been home to shootings, fights, and plenty of loitering. It's also an eyesore in a neighborhood that's got its fair share of transit-related eyesores.
The development of NoMa is moving swiftly along, [...]

What Real Union Station Master Planning Looks Like

There are a lot of Union Stations in America—that's just what they were called when a bunch of railroads pooled their efforts in a central train depot. And D.C.'s own Union Station isn't the only one undergoing a master planning process, as cities look to their transit hubs for an alternative center of gravity within [...]

Does D.C. Need Tour Buses?

I wrote a cover story this week about Union Station: How much more it could be than it is, if all its component parts could work together more cohesively (and if hundreds of millions of dollars become available over the next five years). One of the pieces that's getting pushed out as others expand is [...]

Clearer Pictures of How the Streetcar May End, For Now

Back in August, we learned what was under consideration for the H Street trolley's temporary connection to Union Station (after the initial idea, going through an underpass, fell through). Now, the District Department of Transportation has issued some sketches of their own, and they're a little different: The alternatives have narrowed to two, with stopping [...]

Union Station Hires Metro’s Wayfinder

Union Station is a maze. It's worse than a maze—it's three dimensional. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lost trying to find the ladies room, not to mention catch a train; pity the tourist coming there for the first time.
Part of the problem has been a lack of coherent signage. Right now, [...]

Union Station Ain’t Big Enough For All Those Buses

Today, the District Department of Transportation tweets, Megabus moves into Union Station's parking deck, as part of the plan to make the station into a multi-modal transportation hub. Right now, everybody fits, since the charter tour buses that also pick up and drop off passengers there are entering the winter slow season. But come spring, [...]

What it Looks Like Under There

To help me understand what the "H Street Underpass" is for my story this week, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation president David Ball offered a tour of the gigantic space that might have temporarily housed the western end of the District's first streetcar line, had DDOT and Amtrak been able to come to an agreement.
The tunnel—accessible [...]

Slow Train

It sure is a beautiful vision: For years now, District officials have regaled citizens with tales of light rail from other coasts and countries. They’ve commissioned studies that depict streetcars as economic-development fairy dust, brightening every community that they touch. And now that the city has completed roadwork on H Street NE, the newly track-inlaid [...]