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Chart of the Day

As part of his testimony before the House Appropriations Committee, Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers provided this handy diagram, which shows the condition of the buildings under his jurisdiction. That one on the far left is the Summerhouse, an historic brick structure on the West Front Lawn. Almost as bad is the Senate underground [...]

Is the Era of the D.C. Class Photo Over? [UPDATED]

Cherish your class photo, 'cause your kids may not get one.

It's a staple of the middle-school class visit to Washington: A photo of students arrayed on the steps of the Grant Memorial, with the Capitol dome as a backdrop. But now, just like permission for filmmakers to stage shots there and the Trust for the [...]

Mall Fundraising Won’t Benefit Union Square

In this week's column, I went into some depth on one unintended consequence of the Architect of the Capitol's annexation of Union Square, the easternmost chunk of the Mall that contains Grant Statue with views of legislative branch. Turns out there's another one.
As the Post originally reported, the Trust for the National Mall is hosting [...]

Lights, Camera, No Action

Two days before Christmas, President Barack Obama signed a bill to fund the government through October—keeping the U.S. in business along with the District, which would have ground to a halt if the feds had shut down.
A few days later, though, the Washington Post uncovered a nasty surprise for the city. In Division G Section [...]