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Gap Between D.C.’s Rich and Poor Hits 35-Year High

Black residents are more than four times as likely to be unemployed as white residents.

D.C. Is Weird, in Charts

Mayor Vince Gray opened his presentation of his administration's new five-year economic development strategy yesterday with a word of enthusiasm to his audience: "I think you'll be absolutely thrilled. I mean, look at all these charts!"
Indeed. The 112-page report is full of intriguing ideas—District-wide Wi-Fi! the largest technology center on the east coast! loads of Chinese [...]

Needed: More Incubators! Especially for Food!

At a small business panel organized by Ward 4 Council Candidate Max Skolnik on Wednesday night, there was the usual carping about District regulatory processes and NIMBY neighbors as obstacles to entrepreneurial success, and the inevitable tirade or two against Walmart. The most helpful message, though, was more proactive: The District's aspiring businesspeople need space [...]

Going Backwards To Solve Unemployment?

Unemployment is probably the District's biggest problem at the moment. The city's doing what it can, rolling out initiatives like raising awareness of available subsidies and offering incentives for contractors to hire locally, but that's all ultimately up to the private sector. Is there anything the District could do to create jobs itself, without increasing [...]

Vincent Orange Isn’t Serious About Unemployment

At yesterday's reportedly insane legislative session, while an income tax hike grabbed most of the headlines, Councilmember Vincent Orange introduced a slew of new bills, most having to do with how Councilmembers operate. The more substantive proposal, though, was this: Establishing a "Jobs Czar" who, according to a press release, would "declare war on unemployment."
How [...]

What the President’s Jobs Bill Would Mean for D.C.

Via Kathryn Baer, on Friday the White House posted fact sheets on what the American Jobs Act would mean for every state. The District's goodies include:

$387 million in funding for highways and transit systems
$20 million for renovating vacant and foreclosed homes
Payroll tax cuts for 20,000 businesses
$45 million to support 500 teachers and first responders
A tax [...]

D.C. People Are Way Happier Than They Should Be

The last time the Board of Trade released consumer confidence numbers for the greater Washington region, via Delta Associates, we learned that D.C. residents were more bullish about the future than their suburban brethren by a substantial measure. In its latest survey, conducted in early July and released today, that gap only widened: While Northern [...]

D.C. Area Doing Great. D.C. Itself? Not So Much.

September's unemployment statistics are out, and the numbers for our little corner of the world look fantastic: We've dropped below six percent, thankyou very much! At 5.9 percent, the D.C./Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area has the lowest unemployment rate of any large urban area in the country.
That number, though, is a bit deceiving. The number [...]

Congratulations, D.C.: Only One in Ten of You are Unemployed!

The employment numbers for June are out, and the results, in the aggregate, are encouraging: After steadily declining through the year, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is a flat 10 percent. That's down from 12 percent in January, which was up from 10.9 percent last July.
The interesting thing about this number is where the job [...]

Thanks to Unemployment, Foreclosures Rise 17 Percent

The Washington Post is reporting that the total number of homes in foreclosure jumped 17 percent from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2009.
Since March, nearly 400,000 people have participated in President Barack Obama's Making Home Affordable program, which pays lenders to lower borrowers' monthly payments, according to the story.