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Planners Pick Favorites

The National Capital Area Chapter of the American Planning Association had its annual wing ding yesterday to honor the best plans and the planners who plan them. The honors skew a bit towards Maryland, but D.C. public and private entities scored a few accolades. Here's the list:
Outstanding Implemented Project, Program or Tool Award: New York [...]

Walkable Suburbanism: Not Not Good for the District, But Not Nothing Either

In my column this week, I didn’t mean to ask the question—as David Alpert framed it–“walkable urbanism: good or bad for D.C.?” I really meant to ask, as the subheadline states, “what does it mean for D.C.?”
That may seem like splitting hairs, but it’s an important distinction: Asking whether something that is happening whether you [...]

Urban Sleight: Tysons Corner wants to reinvent itself as a living city. What does that mean for D.C.?

To the urban soul, Tysons Corner—the barren moonscape of highways and office buildings located roughly halfway between here and Dulles International Airport—is a nightmare. There’s nothing human in the expanses of concrete, no reason to spend any time outside between your car and Tysons’ two malls.
In 20 years, all that is supposed to change. Under [...]

D.C. Area Drivers: “Mess With Our Parking And You’ll Be Sorry!”

For a while, I contemplated a headline inspired by that old Braveheart line: "You can take our parking, but you can never take our freedom!" That's the tone of commenters laying into a fresh Washington Post article about new parking policies around the D.C. metro area.
Here's a roundup: MoCo is considering decreasing their parking requirements. [...]