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Building Museum Curator: National Mall Plans are “Timid”

A 1901 plan for the Washington Monument grounds. (Commission on Fine Arts)

National Building Museum senior vice president G. Martin Moeller Jr. knows the full scope of dreams that have been dreamt about the nation's capitol—after all, he put together a whole exhibit about the ones that didn't work out.* In comparison, the National Park Service's grand [...]

Mall Fundraising Won’t Benefit Union Square

In this week's column, I went into some depth on one unintended consequence of the Architect of the Capitol's annexation of Union Square, the easternmost chunk of the Mall that contains Grant Statue with views of legislative branch. Turns out there's another one.
As the Post originally reported, the Trust for the National Mall is hosting [...]

Rock Creek Park Friends Group Has Grand Hopes and Dreams

Back in 2005, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation helped start a citizens advocacy group for the District's central greenway, called the Friends of Rock Creek's Environment (an awkward name with a powerful acronym: FORCE). Originally the group focused mostly on water issues, doing a bit of testifying and volunteering along the way.
As of a [...]

The New Improved National Mall, Brought to You In Part By Coke

Well, not entirely. But when Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar ceremonially signs the final plan for the rehabilitation of the National Mall tomorrow afternoon, he will stand beside two people: Chip Akridge, local real estate mogul and chairman of the Trust for the National Mall, and Steve Callihane, president of Coca-Cola refreshments. Why does [...]

Jon Stewart Endorsement Worth At Least $100K

Since becoming the Rally to Restore Sanity's official charity three weeks ago, the Trust for the National Mall has raked in $106,986.50 from rally-goers. It's not a whole lot for an organization with the fundraising firepower to pull down three times that in one night, but a tidy sum nonetheless–especially for not doing anything. The [...]

Trust for the National Mall Lands Jon Stewart Endorsement

The Trust for the National Mall is a philanthropy with its shit together: It's got big-time corporate backing, an influential board, and a loyal under-40 following. For the three years since its launch in 2007, however, the group has been missing one key fundraising element: Star power. (Whitney Houston doesn't count).
Caroline Cunningham, the Trust's president, [...]

The Younglings Who Would Save the Mall

The National Mall is a matter for serious people. It's the repository of our cultural heritage, for Pete's sake. And as we hear quite often these days, it's in terrible shape.
So a couple of years ago, to help bankroll its rehab, a collection of serious people started the Trust for the National Mall—people like diversified [...]