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The Best and Worst Times to Travel for Thanksgiving

Slightly counterintuitive!

The Organic Verses

There were just two shoppers at the Yes! Organic Market in Fairlawn last Friday afternoon. Entire aisles of refrigerated shelves were empty and dark, never to be refilled.
“This is the healthiest place to go,” said Lachuna Johnson, 24, who lives near Good Hope Road SE in Anacostia. “The other places have more artificial food. Today, [...]

How to Talk About Making Driving More Expensive: Council of Governments Broaches the Subject, Delicately

In the United States, the mere mention of charging people more for their driving habits draws apoplectic responses. Highway tolls are a way of life, but anything more? Ridiculous! Even a proposal to bill cars for entering Manhattan—which has worked in London to great effect—never got off the ground.
In the Washington area, though, traffic has [...]

Green Light

It was an hour and a half into the Zoning Commission’s tenth hearing on American University’s campus plan this fall, and chairman Anthony Hood was asking how the school planned to respond to days of testimony from neighbors, mostly complaining the plan would bring a crush of new cars to their residential streets. Hood leaned [...]

The Barnes Dance is On at 7th and H [VIDEO!]

About an hour ago, DDOT staff ripped paper off new signage announcing a new paradigm: Cars will no longer be able to turn through Chinatown's busiest intersection. Rather, the red light brings all traffic to a stop at once, and pedestrians cross whichever way they need to go–which will hopefully ease the sense of hopping [...]

Hazard of Roundabouts

A bus-car altercation about half an hour ago in Dupont Circle. Slate thinks they're great, but I still think roundabouts are death traps.

Washington D.C. Ranked 7th Most Traffic-Congested Area in U.S.

Predictably, a search for "Washington traffic" yields an image of South Capitol Street.
Using GPS data from portable navigation products, TomTom—the maker of many of these aforementioned products—has been able to compile a list of the nation's most traffic-clogged regions:
Rank CITY/REGION % of congested roadways
1 Seattle, WA 43%
2 Los Angeles, CA 38%
3 Chicago, IL 37%
4 Montgomery [...]

Most Congested Arteries in the Washington Area

A new report out today names the top ten congested "chokepoints" in the region. Not surprisingly, a few of them are major arteries in the city, including the number one spot: The I-395 entrance around 4th Street in the Mount Vernon Square area. The report was released by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. 

Prince William County Ponders Ferry Service

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Prince William County is considering launching a ferry service to Washington D.C. Might this be the way to revive the area's foreclosure-battered real estate market?

Oh God No: 14th Street Bridge Renovations Starting Soon

The 14th Street Bridge, caught in an uncharacteristically empty moment
Reason number 34,567,890 to not live in Virginia. According to the Washington Examiner: Mayor Adrian Fenty announced a $27 million rehabilitation project for the 14th Street Bridge. Construction will begin mid-May.