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Eastern Market Going Dean & DeLuca? Unlikely.

Earlier this week, Councilmember Tommy Wells introduced legislation that would fundamentally alter the way Eastern Market operates. Pretty much everyone agrees that the change is necessary: Currently, the market is managed by the city, which can't respond quickly enough to funding and administrative needs that change day to day. Wells' bill would simply create a [...]

Things That Undermine Faith in Government

Elected officials don't have to be corrupt for citizens to lose confidence in them. They can sometimes just not have their priorities straight. Here are a couple examples from recent days:
1. Getting rid of a swath of special purpose funds. Michael Neibauer reported last week that the 2011 and 2012 budgets yanked more than $1.5 [...]

Streetcar Czar Leaves DDOT Post [UPDATE]

Well, leave it to Councilmember Tommy Wells to break the late night news: Scott Kubly, who has been in charge of the District Department of Transportation's Progressive Transportation Services Administration since 2009, is stepping down. Kubly is perhaps best known for his management of the streetcar, but his portfolio also includes the Circulator bus and [...]

Ward Wars

There’s a knock-down, drag-out fight inthe Wilson Building over redistricting, and politically active residents are incensed that they’ll be moved from one ward to another.
“For some, this may seem a logical, easy solution,” says a member of one affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “I call it racial gerrymandering and believe it is detrimental to east of [...]

Do We Really Have to Redistrict?

As you may have realized, people in Ward 6—especially those east of 17th Street SE, which looks like the proposed dividing line—really, really do not want to be redistricted into another ward. So much so, in fact, that a number of them wondered why D.C. couldn’t just buck the constitutional principle of one man, one [...]

So Much for One City

UPDATED BELOW Saturday, 11:20 a.m.
As a Census-mandated vote on redistricting the city's ward boundaries vote looms, Tommy Wells has a PR strategy for keeping his territory intact in the face of an attempted land grab by Marion Barry. The important part: Don't make it about Marion Barry.
“With Ward 6, with how well it’s working, the [...]

Do Fence Me In: Capitol Hill’s Potomac Gardens isn’t as dangerous as it was, but its gates remain.

It is by now a familiar pattern in gentrifying District neighborhoods: A brutal, unprovoked attack prompts neighborhood outrage and an examination of what might have caused the violence.
In eastern Capitol Hill, those periodic cycles often center around Potomac Gardens, the 352-unit public housing complex that occupies a full city block between 12th and 13th streets [...]

How Walmart Won Ward Six

Each of the four sites slated to receive Walmarts has a long and convoluted history—which makes sense, considering the retailer was able to swoop in and grab them after other plans fell through. The 801 New Jersey Avenue location, however, is more interesting than most, involving what amounts to a two-decade-old community benefits agreement with [...]

Lunch With Joe

My column this week is about a few of the issues affecting H Street NE real estate, which is the kind of story that requires a conversation with nightlife impresario Joe Englert. Last week, I found him munching on a sandwich at the Star and Shamrock with Toki Underground owner Erik Yang, and pestered them [...]

Solar Rebates Slashed Again, Jeopardizing Fragile Progress

Trying to pin down funding for solar energy in the District is like wrestling a slippery fish: You think you have it, and then it jumps out of your hands again, forcing another round of pursuit.
Along with incentives from the federal government, a $3-per-kilowatt subsidy has brought rooftop solar energy systems within the reach of [...]