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Congress to Hold Hearing on Vacant Property at L Street SE Warehouse

A warehouse at 49 L St. SE that doesn't typically see much action is about to receive some unusual visitors: a congressional committee discussing ways to return unused federal property to productive use.
Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.), who chairs the subpanel on government operations, has called a hearing for next Thursday, April 25, in the Capitol [...]

Can D.C. Council Legally Allow Construction Without a Permit?

D.C. Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Marion Barry have been working to allow construction on the Anacostia Playhouse to move forward, even though it hasn't received a building permit due to parking issues. In short, the issue is that the theater doesn't have the on-site parking required by the city's zoning regulations, so it's applying for [...]

D.C. Public Library, Through Rosedale-Tinted Glasses

The latest in a long string of shiny new libraries has arrived. This morning, Mayor Vince Gray, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, and D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper kicked off the grand opening of the Rosedale Library at 1701 Gales Street NE. (The Rosedale neighborhood, of course, is south of Benning Road and just east [...]

It’s Not Easy Getting Green

Walking through the streets of NoMa these days, you get the sense you’ve stepped into a well-played game of SimCity. Crisp and glassy, it’s a commercial zone, to be sure, and a strategically placed one: It’s served by three major thoroughfares, two Metro stations, all the regional and Amtrak train lines passing through Union Station, [...]

NoMa Looking For a Few Great Public Spaces

Joining the crowd of D.C.'s next High Lines. (AECOM)

NoMa, as has been amply documented, is on fire with residential and office development. But as the new neighborhood's planners realized in 2010, they're missing something pretty critical: A central gathering place to hang out. And as sites get built out, opportunities to lock one down are [...]

Can Wards 6 and 7 Play Nice on Reservation 13?

Last summer, the redistricting debate ripped through D.C.'s neighborhoods, creating an especially ugly dynamic between Capitol Hillites and the east-of-the-river wards that had shrunk in population and needed to annex some of Ward 6. The biggest sticking point: What would happen to Reservation 13, the big piece of waterfront property long slated for mixed-use development, [...]

Nancy Metzger and Historic Preservation’s Public Relations Problem

At last week's confirmation hearing for Historic Preservation Review Board nominees, preservation groups and hyperlocal elected officials—even the board's former chairman, Tersh Boasberg—lined up to support the appointment of Nancy Metzger, who's been the Capitol Hill Restoration Society's point person on preservation for 16 years now. She's a fierce advocate for historic districts around the [...]

Failed Historic Preservation Review Board Nominations Endanger the Whole Shebang

Back in November, we heard that Mayor Vince Gray had finally nominated two people to stick around past their already-expired terms on the Historic Preservation Review Board and two more to fill pending vacancies. It was a relief, given that only two members of the nine-person board haven't had their terms expire.
Well, turns out two [...]

Wouldn’t It Be Great If the City Encouraged Gardening on Vacant Lots? Oh, Wait.

Yesterday, Councilmember and guardian-of-all-things-warm-and-fuzzy Tommy Wells held a marathon roundtable on urban agriculture in D.C., bringing folks from all over the city to describe how they cultivate their gardens. As precious as land is in D.C., there's actually still a lot of it that could be put to good use—the challenge is securing the right [...]

Walmart Says It Doesn’t Need D.C.’s Supermarket Tax Break. Does Anybody?

Earlier today, there was a fairly typical tiff in the Wilson Building: A councilmember wanted to make a constituent eligible for a tax abatement, and the bean counters pushed back. In this case, it was Tommy Wells who was trying to help out Safeway, which wanted its Southwest branch to be able to claim the [...]