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This Week (And Last) in Walmart News

Long story coming next week, but in the mean time, a few items that wouldn't fit!
- WARD 5 IS A DEN OF CORRUPTION: You've probably heard of Councilmember Harry Thomas' alleged difficulty keeping his hands out of the kids' piggy bank. But lower down on the political totem pole, the malfeasance gets even more brash: Advisory [...]

This Week (And Last) in Walmart News

Time for another Walmart roundup!
- NO CONSENSUS IN WARD 4: ANC 4B held a special meeting on Walmart last night in the wake of a report from the District Department of Transportation that criticized developer Foulger Pratt's traffic study. F-P's Adam Davis said it was all just a misunderstanding: DDOT hadn't requested an [...]

This Week (and Last) in Walmart News

Time for another Walmart roundup! Things have been relatively quiet on the Walmart front, but here are a few news items you might have missed in the last few weeks. (For a more global perspective, Walmart Watch has their own roundup from around the country).


This Week in Walmart News

Since there's enough news about Walmart to fill a blog all by itself, I think I'll start doing a digest once in a while. Here's what we learned this week:

Walmart may be all about everyday low prices, but it's not skimping on its local help: Along with David Wilmot, the company has retained Venable's Claude [...]