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The Fourth Real Estate

Earlier this summer, before Jeff Bezos was trending in every echo chamber of the District, developers presented the Washington Post with about two dozen options for a new home. The paper had outgrown its 15th Street NW headquarters—or rather, outshrunk it, with the former newsroom staff of more than 1,000 now down to about 640—and needed [...]

More on the Post-Post Co. Real Estate Split

Yesterday, following news of the Washington Post's sale to Jeff Bezos, I speculated on what the sale might mean for D.C.'s—and particularly the Post's—real estate. Because the Post will be divorced from its erstwhile parent company, The Washington Post Co., there are likely two moves coming: one for the paper and one for the company.
A "frequently asked questions" memo [...]

What the Post Sale Means for Development

There are two answers to this question that immediately come to mind: 1. Not much. 2. We don't know yet. For these reasons, I've been reluctant to weigh in on the news of Jeff Bezos' purchase of the Washington Post. But it's big enough news for the city—and, yes, potentially for its real estate—that I [...]

Post Publisher Looking for “Cheap” New HQ in D.C. or Virginia

Speaking at a Bisnow real estate conference this morning, Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth dropped a few hints about what she's looking for in a new headquarters as the Post considers a move from its 63-year-old home at 15th and L streets NW.
"Now that the printing presses are not in the building, we don't have [...]

Hold the Histrionics: D.C.’s Growth Is Actually Pretty Good

The hysterics that began with a January New York Times piece suggesting that D.C.'s boom was coming to an end with declining federal spending reached their logical extreme last week with a Washington Post story on the declining population growth in the region. "It is the twilight hour," the Post wrote, "of a remarkable phase in [...]

What to Expect if the Post Moves

So the Washington Post is considering a move from its 63-year-old headquarters. The Post has enjoyed its most glorious highs and some recent lows in its home at 1150 15th St. NW. A move now would raise two questions: Where's the Post headed, and what will become of its storied downtown building?
This morning's news already has [...]