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“Affordable Housing” Isn’t Just Taxpayer Cheese

Not very affordable housing.

D.C. political commentator Chuck Thies thinks all this talk about high housing costs is just so much bellyaching. As far as I can tell from his recent column, he's arguing that since most of the people getting jobs in the District are young and childless, they should just go live in [...]

D.C. Needs Apodments!

Dan Reed at Just Up the Pike had a good piece the other day on the need for housing that's affordable to 20-somethings just starting their career—a constituency that's currently paying a huge percentage of what they earn to live someplace cool, or just going elsewhere. He brought to my attention a form of housing [...]

H Street Playhouse Priced Out of H Street, Looking For New Spot

Back in 2002, Capitol Hill businesspeople Adele and Bruce Robey bought a restaurant at 1365 H Street NE for $300,000 and turned it into the H Street Playhouse, a 100-seat black box that now serves as a home for small theater groups. Since then, hip bars and restaurants have sprung up around it, making H [...]

Emma Mae Gallery to End Rent-Free Run at Reeves Center

Remember back in February, when it looked like the Municipal Deli was going to be kicked out of its Reeves Center space at 14th and U Street NW for underpayment of rent? Well, owner Fitwi Tekeste caught a break, and is still operating, while the Department of Real Estate Services prepares to issue a solicitation [...]

Two Neighborhood Institutions Disappear: Miss Pixie’s and Barnes and Noble

Must be lease-losing time in the District: Both 14th Street fixture Miss Pixie's Furnishings and Whatnot and the M Street Barnes and Noble in Georgetown are on the way out. Pixie Windsor broke the news to Harry Jaffe in this morning's Examiner, and Topher Mathews passed on the bookstore bit from an anonymous source, which [...]

Where to Put the Jobs?

Matt Yglesias responds to David Alpert's analysis of the Gray transition's weirdly non-transit-oriented economic development report by saying that we can't start thinking about how to move people in and out of the city until there's more space for them to work:
Downtown DC is full. There’s basically no land left to build on, and [...]

Reeves Center Deli Claims Political Vendetta in City’s Eviction Attempt

Fitwi "John" Tekeste has operated his Municipal Deli in the Reeves Center on U Street for the last 20 years. And he's pretty sure that the city's recent move to end that run is just revenge by outgoing Fenty officials.
"It's kind of political. The problem is, I support Mr. Gray," he says, surrounded by [...]