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Strict Constructionists: Is the Heritage Foundation a threat to historic preservation?

Over the last year and a half, a narrow, two-story building at 227 Pennsylvania Ave. SE—built as a grocery store in 1887 and boarded up since a fire in 2007—has undergone a dramatic transformation. Original brickwork has been restored. The doors are painted French blue, with the name of the occupant in bronze above them. [...]

Fenty and Gray Carve Up the Real Estate World

On Monday, Jonathan O'Connell drilled down into the economic development platforms of Mayor Adrian Fenty and would-be mayor Vince Gray. In a nutshell, he concludes that while Fenty has gone for big developments–many of which haven't yet been built–Gray would focus on fewer projects, and emphasize the steady-job-generating tourism industry. We also get a bit [...]

Preservation Reservations: The Board That Oversees Old Buildings Has a Young New Leader–Which Makes Veteran Preservationists Nervous

Standing across the street from an old, boarded-up house on Martin Luther King Avenue SE, Catherine Buell looks disapproving. “It’s almost like a smack in the face for the neighborhood,” she says, surveying the neglect. At ease under the blazing midday sun in a gauzy white top and pearl earrings, Buell­—a Patton, Boggs attorney who [...]

Buell in, Boasberg out at Historic Preservation Review Board

Jonathan O'Connell is reporting that Historic Preservation Review Board chair Tersh Boasberg, who for the last ten years served as the guardian of D.C.'s architectural heritage, has stepped down pending the expiration of his term on July 21st. Before taking over HPRB, Boasberg chaired the Zoning Commission, and oversaw the rezoning of a huge [...]