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NIMBYs Win One, Lose One in Upper Northwest

In case you didn't have a chance last week to locate a hard copy of the Northwest Current, a few stories of note:

Sure enough, the developers of the new Tenleytown Safeway backed down in response to neighborhood concerns (which verged into veiled threats of Giant-style litigation) over the monstrous height of a mixed-use project. They [...]

Vince Gray’s Campaign Manager Makes Veiled Threats Against Tenleytown Safeway

I'm usually not one to read a lot into quotes from reportage from meetings I didn't attend, but this is just kind of egregious: Adam Rubinson, who took a break from consulting to run Vince Gray's mayoral campaign, made decidedly ominous comments about what might happen if Safeway didn't scale back its design for a [...]

Tenleytown Safeway, Take Two

Safeway and Clark Realty Capital have released new sketches of their mixed-use plan for 42nd and Ellicott Street NW by Torti Gallas, which they kicked off a couple months ago. It's sure an improvement over the last one.

Starting Over at Tenleytown Safeway

By now, developers know what they're getting into when they propose to develop a piece of upper Wisconsin Avenue, where anti-density sentiment runs high enough to delay projects for years.
So the new team behind a proposed mixed-use project over the squat Safeway on 42nd and Ellicott Streets NW was preemptively cautious at a get-to-know-you session [...]